Contrary to what most homeopathic organisations will tell you, homeopathy is NOT about diluted substances. It is true that most homeopaths give diluted substances but that is not a definition of homeopathy.

As every homeopath knows, the definition of homeopathy comes from one source and that source is The Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann.

Nowhere in The Organon does it say that a homeopathic remedy must be diluted.

A homeopathic remedy can be anything, it might even be something that cannot be diluted. A remedy can be a word, a flash of light, the sound of a drum in fact it can be anything that triggers a reaction in the person.

Homeopathy is about triggering a reaction in the person that changes the dynamic in the patient for the better.

Any reaction that actually changes a dynamic in the patient has to be triggered by something that has a relationship with the patient and their situation, it must be similar to a previous experience.

Changing the dynamic in the patient can happen incredibly quickly. To give an example of the way homeopathy could trigger a reaction and change the dynamic, I have to create a story. Here is the story: as a boy I was frightened by dogs. Whenever I went out I would be really worried that I would have an encounter and get mauled or even eaten. When they came close I was petrified if not hysterical. My parents did not know about homeopathy directly but they knew a homeopathic solution. They bought me a puppy. After a very short time my fear of dogs had totally evaporated, changing the dynamic forever.

The homeopathic remedy in this story is not a pill, instead it is a puppy, which can not be diluted. Pills and dilution do not come into it but it is still homeopathy. Before being cured, even the thought of going out when I knew there would be a dog encounter would be a problem that was getting worse. Pressure was building but, luckily for me, the remedy came at exactly the right moment. Appreciation of the amount of pressure there is in a case is important.

The bigger the pressure build-up the smaller the trigger needs to be. This idea gets confused by non-homeopaths who incorrectly believe it means, the smaller the dose the more powerful the remedy becomes. The remedy itself has no intrinsic power, if there is no pressure to be released in the patient it will not have any effect. The remedy is a triggering mechanism. This is why the same remedy will always have different effects on different people because different people experience different forms of pressure. It is also why a single pill could produce an outpouring of tears, a tsunami of happiness, a surge of energy or any other human experience. Homeopathy is incredibly powerful because of the power in the build-up of pressure in the patient, that just needs to be triggered by the smallest amount of a very specific remedy, perfectly worked out for that individual.

After the change in dynamic the same remedy will have less of an effect. It is like hearing a joke for the second time. The first time you hear a joke you may laugh. Afterwards, the dynamic has changed (the pressure is released) and when you hear the joke again you don’t laugh as much. The dynamic has changed and you forget your previous ignorance. This is the reason a homeopathic remedy need not be repeated. Once the energy has been triggered it is harder to trigger it again with the same remedy.

A homeopath looks at the situation as a whole and works out what remedy will trigger a reaction that will change the patient’s dynamic, cure the person and change their situation.

That curative reaction is most easily triggered by a remedy that is somehow similar to the person’s problem. That is homeopathy. There is absolutely no need to mention diluted substances.

Secondary to the triggering remedy is the amount, strength or potency of the remedy. Hahnemann said the most efficient way was to administer the minimum amount that would get the job done. It makes sense to me.

The trouble is homeopathic organisations have extrapolated this idea so far that many now believe that all remedies must be diluted. This is not true, those organisations are misleading people, they are limiting the scope of homeopathy and they are making homeopathy difficult to believe. The dilution of a remedy does not make it homeopathic.

To recap, the principle of homeopathy is to trigger a curative response in a patient with the smallest dose that will do the job.

In my view, it is unfortunate that highly diluted substances actually have an effect. I say unfortunate because it is a distraction. Proof that highly diluted substances have an effect on people or animals is irrelevant to the fact that homeopathy is about triggering a reaction that changes the dynamic. Proof that highly diluted substances do effect living organisms does not, will not and can not prove homeopathy works. Yet this is what homeopaths and their organisations continue to focus on.

Homeopaths know homeopathy works but they are told by scientists that this is impossible because there is no active ingredient in the remedy. So some homeopaths continue the argument: Homeopathic remedies work, we know this, there must be a mechanism involved that goes beyond current scientific thinking. And the homeopaths concerned are lost, trying to prove that highly diluted substances actually effect living things, forgetting that homeopathy is not defined by diluted substances. Unfortunately, it is these homeopaths that seem to be vocal and in positions of power.

I would like every homeopath to tell their professional organisation to leave behind the fight to prove that highly diluted substances have an effect and to promote homeopathy as a method of triggering a reaction that changes the dynamic. And why do I want this? Because EVERY SINGLE CRITICISM of homeopathy comes down to the erroneous belief that homeopathy is defined by diluted substances.

Journalists, comedians, newspapers, broadcasters and scientists all believe that homeopathy is defined by diluted substances because most homeopathic organisations tell them it is. Can you see the damage the organisations and homeopaths are doing to homeopathy? This ignorance is what is killing off homeopathy and it is created by homeopaths.