HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix)

We are sensitive people. We can put our hands on people and feel where there is a problem. This ability has been honed over twenty years with thousands of patients. If we hold a persons head and and place a substance they are allergic to on their body we can feel that person react. Not surprising you might say but we have refined this skill so that we can so that we can feel the reaction when the person is only sensitive to the substance (and not fully allergic).

From doing this work we have discovered that people react to things they have a problem with even if the substance is sealed in a glass bottle. We found this amazing when we first started but when you see it over and over again you just have to accept it. The body is much more sensitive, and robust, than many people give it credit.

Our technique forms the basis of an allergy/sensitivity test we perform from our centre but that is not all we do. We have also discovered that we can remove the sensitivity a person has to some substances. We can’t do it for all substances. For example, removing a sensitivity to dairy products seems to be impossible but removing a wheat sensitivity is relatively easy.

We have known for a long time that we can help people who have been poisoned. Somebody came to see me who had been accidentally poisoned with sheep dip. He had been given up on by doctors and was so weak he could hardly get to my clinic. Using my technique and a sample of the sheep dip I was able to get him back to work. He says that he would have died without my help. He is virtually back to where he was before his poisoning but he is left with a sensitivity to pesticides that can bring him down if he gets a whiff of them, passing by a newly sprayed orchard, for example. In these situations he comes back to me for a session which always helps.

The latest poisonings to come through our door are people who have had the HPV vaccination. Generally, they know their problems started with the vaccine but occasionally they were not aware. I had a case last week where the patient had joint pain and could easily sleep twenty hours a day. I had to tell her she had vaccine damage and only then did she make the connection that her symptoms started after the HPV vaccine. Her doctors could only give her a medical version of ‘speed’. Three sessions with me were sufficient to clear out the vaccine damage. Three sessions seem to be average for the patients we have seen.

I don’t know whether we can clear out everyone’s HPV vaccine problem and get them back to where they were before they had it but we can know we can make a difference.

I have learnt from experience that entering into any debate about our technique on the internet is impossible. Trolls jump in and cause difficulties. However, we are happy to talk to people individually about what we do.