A poem my husband Dan Ballance performed. Created for our children and in particular my son’s classmates on the return to school after many lockdowns during the pandemic.

A poem written to deal with the stresses we have experienced on our SEN journey. A three year wait for ASC screening, not fitting the mould… it can be a tough time for kids who need extra support.

You walked into the room. A poem about two different perspectives on situations that have caused anxiety for my child. Social anxiety and ASC can be a very isolating and lonely experience.

It is a myth that all children are fine in school. Some kids find primary frightening and the transition to secondary can be terrifying. This poem is for them.

This journey on the SEN pathway has always been stressful ad filled with anxiety. This poem was inspired by the people who have been helpful along the way.

A poem about death. But also about being the one left alive. It was written before Covid but I was inspired to turn it into a little video after reading about the shock deaths of parents, friends, siblings and children taken by the pandemic.